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What appeared to be a mighty mass of flame, now known as Halley's Comet, made its rare appearance and blazed across the western sky in 1066. Even rarer than Halley's Comet was the appearance of three warrior kings on this same year in North West Europe. All three of these warrior-kings felt that they had a claim to the British crown, and all three were known for never taking a step backward. 

For this reason 1066 was a year unlike any other in Western history. William the Conquerer is one of the most dashing, powerful, and massively influential figures in all of world history. Equally fascinating, I believe, is Harold Godwinson, crowned King Harold II of Angle Land (England) in January of 1066. Haarald (Hard Rule) Hardrada, the Viking warrior/king of Norway, was also a colorful figure who played a major role in the destiny of world history in 1066. Hardly anybody, including college graduates, knows anything about any of these extraordinary men.